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Every name related to sstwl is taken
• 9/7/2018

Is Kali a daughter? (DESIGN)

Kali is Subject 12. A first class. Does this mean that she is a daughter?
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Every name related to sstwl is taken
• 10/6/2018

I don't think she is a daughter because as we saw in the season 2 finale she is no match for 104. She also does not have the ability to teleport or ignore the empathetic feedback response.

IMO a more accurate designation for her would be 812, but that's just me.

• 10/8/2018

Kali is not a first class unit. She was stated to be a failed prototype. The only reason she was labelled as subject 12 is because she was labeled under the original director's system and died before Dahmer instated her new categories. In addition I think I remember John comparing the 8 class to Kali's original abilities

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